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Ask Us About Our Nursing Home SNF Treatment

Nursing Home/SNF/Hospice/IDL/AL Wound Care Center

Comprehensive Wound Care Services provides excellent clinical care by working in close consultation with the primary care physicians, RNs, surgeons, family members, and your nursing home staff to devise actionable treatment plans. Our team uses your facility’s formulary to ensure your residents are receiving the right care, and we make sure to accurately document each of our visits. Our documentation practices have been especially helpful to nursing homes by relieving nursing homes of some of the stress involved with ensuring each resident’s medical care is squared away. Comprehensive Wound Care Services is the leader in wound care in Georgetown for that reason.

Comprehensive Wound Care Services provides clinical wound care management, education, surgical debridement, and prevention at bedside. Our board certified providers prevent patient transport to out patient wound centers. Our weekly rounds documentation will integrate directly into the facility.

Comprehensive Wound Care Services

  • Patient Satisfaction Increases
  • Surveys pass without wound care deficiencies
  • Hospital Re-Admissions Decrease
  • In-house pressure injury incidences abate
  • Your Quality Measures improve
  • Your team receives the most advanced wound care education
  • Patient’s wounds heal faster

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