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Experts in Cellular Tissue Products and Wound Reconstruction

In addition to visiting nursing homes, our practitioners also provide clinical services at our state-of-the-art facility. At our wound care treatment suite, we’ll do an initial consultation, and schedule follow-up appointments. For residents of nursing homes, our services extend to nursing home visits at one of our partner facilities. Comprehensive Wound Care Services are also experts in healing products and reconstructive care.

We’ve Had a Lot of Success with Using “Skin Substitute” products to Heal Chronic Wounds Because It:
  • Contains many of the naturally-produced proteins that stimulate growth and healing in the human body.
  • Is highly effective at treating foot ulcers caused by diabetes
  • Has been proven to heal ulcers quicker than other methods
  • Can be used to augment other treatments

Contact Comprehensive Wound Care Services Today

Comprehensive Wound Care Services was founded by Dr. Jonathan Johnson, a board-certified surgical director with experience in a broad spectrum of medical fields. His expertise includes a fellowship at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center of Cornell University. His experience in wound care includes not only Dermagraft® procedures but reconstructive clinical care as well. Contact Comprehensive Wound Care Services today to get started.

Contact Our Tele-Wound Care Professionals