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Presentation Title: Keratin based gel use on pressure related ulcers in Long Term Care




This research project is designed to support improvement in the quality of life for patients living with pressure ulcers in long-term care facilities. Currently, wound care products for pressure related wound care ulcers are limited in use due to cost and limited research. We will examine affective treatments with a keratin enriched gel category dressing utilizing keratin technology to create and maintain a moist wound environment.




Pressure ulcer care is essential medical care to prevent patient systemic decline in Long-term Care facilities. Wound care teams and staff members can utilize Keragel based product for affective use and decline of the pressure related wounds. Our study consists of a retrospective look at 13 patients with stage II and stage III buttock or sacrum wounds. The treatments were applied qdaily by the same wound care nurse for 30 days with assessments weekly by the same wound care surgeon with sharp debridement as required via standard of care. Keragel based product was applied 1mm thick from wound edge to wound edge, photos taken during each wound assessment.




Progressive wound healing was noted in ~70% (9/13), with (2/13) unchanged, and (2/13) declined. The same wound care provider assessed all wounds for 30 days weekly with photographic and standard of care management. Debridement and the standard of care were applied to all patient wound sites. 7 wounds were sacrum in location and 6 wound located on the buttocks sites, 4 on the right 2 on the left. The same wound care nurse applied 1 mm thick Keragel based product to the pressure ulcer wound sites edge to edge.



Extensive wound decline in long term care settlings can affect patient’s clinical progress. Using a keratin enriched gel category dressing utilizing keratin technology to create and maintain a moist wound environment improving wound healing is imperative. Keragel based topical wound care treatment along with standard of care wound practices including sharp debridement as required for progressive wound healing in the Long-term care setting.CWS_ABSTRACT_102020